The China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (CPGP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization promoting commercial collaboration between the 13 counties of Greater Philadelphia and northeast China where PHL's Sister City Tianjin is the nationally-designated engine of regional growth. Outbound, our PHL-TEDA (Tianjin) EcoPartnership won bi-national recognition from the U.S. and Chinese governments in 2014 as one of the 25 pre-eminent U.S.-China clean energy collaborations recognized over the past six years. Inbound, we work with strategic partners --SelectUSA at the national level and Select Greater Philadelphia at the regional level -- to help PHL attract Chinese investment and consumer dollars.

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The Greater Philadelphia (PHL)-Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA) joined the U.S.-China EcoPartnerships program in July 2014 to jumpstart innovative “Urban Clean Energy Infrastructure” solutions in both regions. This unique combination of real-world technology demonstrations and product showcases will get viable new infrastructure breakthroughs quickly into Chinese and U.S. markets with support from the two national governments.

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Opportunity Statement: WBCSD recognizes the opportunity to cross-leverage (1) PHL prior investment in its EEB Lab (formerly UII) process; (2) long-standing U.S.-French amity in the Mid-Atlantic region; and (3) existing PHL-based programs under the U.S.-China Ten Year Framework of Cooperation on Energy and Environment in order to advance collective goals for city leadership in the energy-efficient built environment at COP21 in Paris (December 2015) and beyond.

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The China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia, supported by U.S. Government agencies, has been developing a significant opportunity between Greater Philadelphia and the northeast region of China (anchored by the industrial concentration of Tianjin, Philadelphia’s Sister City). This program promotes the strategic opportunity for foreign direct investment (FDI) by a Chinese oil & gas manufacturer headquartered in northern-eastern China into the Greater Philadelphia region in order to secure access to inexpensive energy feed-stocks proximate to the Marcellus Shale. The first stage of this investment would likely focus on “wet gas” and involve local processing of ethylene chain intermediate products for export through Philadelphia regional ports back to China. The second stage of this opportunity could potentially involve eventual shipment of compressed “dry” gas but for that that stage to take place, U.S. government approvals and LNG transshipment facilities, neither of which is currently in place, would be required.

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