CPGP’s signature program is BE Better (with BE standing for Built Environment). The three dimensions of ‘better’ referenced by the BE Better program title are (1) more energy-efficient and lower-carbon operations (2) ‘smarter’ (more Internet of Things connected with greater IoT security and, for industrial users, cleaner and smarter manufacturing processes), and (3) healthier for the occupants of the built environment. While the BE Better program is potentially applicable across the spectrum of buildings – which account for 39% of carbon emissions in China – CPGP is focuses on industrial park applications in China because our U.S.-China EcoPartnership counterpartTEDA,m is a recognized leader in low-carbon solutions among all 219 National-level Economic Technological Development Zones (NETDZ) throughout China. 

As an open platform custom-built to facilitate collaboration among large corporates, entrepreneurial small- and medium-sized enterprises, universities, local governments, and non-profits in the United States, CPGP has worked with our TEDA EcoCenter partner to have access to comparably robust, three-tiered network of large-scale, national-level industrial parks throughout China for BE Better solutions: (1)  TEDA (and also the nearby Xiongan New Area); (2) 36 of the top-ranked, national-level industrial parks throughout China as represented by the Green Development League (for which TEDA acts as the Secretary General); and (3) the entire network of 219 NETDZ industrial parks throughout China (through partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing).

Given this extensive and high-powered distribution channel for BE Better solutions throughout China and given the limited capacity of CPGP to manage interactions with a large number of individual companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, we are pursuing a strategy of partnering with key industry associations (or relevant business related associations) to help us promote and help operationalize the BE Better program.  As of the summer 2026, we are reaching out to six industry associations – two for each of the three industry segments of the BE Better model – to formalize understandings of how these partnerships can best be advanced:




Smarter & Cleaner


Invited Industry Association A

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

(North America)


The Industrial Internet Consortium (now including The Trusted IoT Alliance)


International WELL Building Institute



Invited Industry Association B



U.S. Green Building Council

National Association of Manufacturers (Clean Manufacturing Program)

MidAtlantic COVID Response


We plan to have memoranda of understanding in place with these associations (or alternates) by the end of November 2020. 


The Greater Philadelphia (PHL)-Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA) joined the U.S.-China EcoPartnerships program in July 2014 to jumpstart innovative “Urban Clean Energy Infrastructure” solutions in both regions. This unique combination of real-world technology demonstrations and product showcases will get viable new infrastructure breakthroughs quickly into Chinese and U.S. markets with support from the two national governments.

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Opportunity Statement: WBCSD recognizes the opportunity to cross-leverage (1) PHL prior investment in its EEB Lab (formerly UII) process; (2) long-standing U.S.-French amity in the Mid-Atlantic region; and (3) existing PHL-based programs under the U.S.-China Ten Year Framework of Cooperation on Energy and Environment in order to advance collective goals for city leadership in the energy-efficient built environment at COP21 in Paris (December 2015) and beyond.

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The China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia, supported by U.S. Government agencies, has been developing a significant opportunity between Greater Philadelphia and the northeast region of China (anchored by the industrial concentration of Tianjin, Philadelphia’s Sister City). This program promotes the strategic opportunity for foreign direct investment (FDI) by a Chinese oil & gas manufacturer headquartered in northern-eastern China into the Greater Philadelphia region in order to secure access to inexpensive energy feed-stocks proximate to the Marcellus Shale. The first stage of this investment would likely focus on “wet gas” and involve local processing of ethylene chain intermediate products for export through Philadelphia regional ports back to China. The second stage of this opportunity could potentially involve eventual shipment of compressed “dry” gas but for that that stage to take place, U.S. government approvals and LNG transshipment facilities, neither of which is currently in place, would be required.

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